Histories of Our Lady Of All Nations
The first apparition of Mary as the Lady of All Nations took place in Amsterdam on March 25, 1945, the Feast of the Annunciation. Her coming was an event that occurred in all silence and simplicity, hidden from the eyes of the world. In that year the Annunciation coincided with Palm Sunday. World War II was still going on in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam was living through a horrible period in its history. A woman, Ida Peerdman, and her three sisters were at home, seated around a pot-bellied stove. A priest, a friend of the family, stopped by for a visit. While they were engaged in lively conversation, something extraordinary happened. Ida, the youngest of the four sisters, noticed something in the adjoining room. She got up and saw an immense light appearing, and her surroundings seemed to fade away. From the light she saw a female figure come forth, dressed in white, who began to speak to her. This was the first of a series of fifty-six apparitions which have become known as ‘The Messages of the Lady of All Nations’. The last message, a majestic farewell-vision, would be received fourteen years later, on May 31, 1959.
Prayers of Our Lady Of All Nations
"All nations must honor the Lord...all people should pray for the True and Holy Spirit...The world is not saved by force, the world will be saved by the Holy Spirit...Now the Father and the Son want to be asked to send the Spirit...the Spirit of Truth, Who alone can bring Peace!...All nations groan under the yoke of Satan...Time is serious and pressing...Now the Spirit is to descend upon the world and this is why I want people to pray for His coming. I am standing upon the globe because this message concerns the whole world...Listen, mankind! You will preserve peace if you believe in Him!...Let all men return to the Cross...Take your place at the foot of the Cross and draw strength from the Sacrifice; the pagans will not overwhelm you...If you practice Love in all its refinement among yourselves, the 'big ones' of this world will no longer have a chance to harm you...say the prayer I have taught you and the Son will grant your request... As the carpet of snow melts into the grou
Our Lady Of All Nations