About Us To show all the Names, Images, Prayers, History, Videos and Statues of our Mother Mary around the world in one place.
Now we would like to bring out Mother Mary to the whole world through our website venture.The Ave Maria Foundations is a beautiful enterprises located near St.Antony's Parish, Puliyakulam, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.The Ave Maria Foundations is a miniature embassy of Marian thought and Images. In these webpage's which reaches to the whole globe the images and icon of the Virgin Mary.
We desire a centre / centres in the world on every continent where they will be a collection of Images, Icons, Statues, Figure, Figurines, Statuettes and Artistic contribution.
This will be a unique sanctuary where the Blessed Virgin Mary art and architecture will be preserved & promoted. This would be a glimpse of heaven where the Blessed Virgin Mary will be venerated and loved.